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Simple, Transparent Email Encryption feature image

Simple, Transparent Email Encryption

Access your data from any device, anywhere, anytime, effortlessly.
Internet Standard, Secure, Compliant, and Cloud-Enabled feature image

Internet Standard, Secure, Compliant, and Cloud-Enabled

SMIME email encryption standard, FIPS-compliant strong AES 256-bit encryption, can be deployed as...
Full Disk Encryption with Pre-Boot Authentication feature image

Full Disk Encryption with Pre-Boot Authentication

Sector level encryption, AES 256, protects entire hard drive.


Sep 8, 2014 | Press Release
Apr 17, 2014 | Press Release
A 19-year-old man from London, Ont., has been charged in connection with using the Heartbleed bug...
Feb 7, 2014 | Press Release
Pentagon will have to make costly changes to programs and personnel because of leaks by former...
Sep 23, 2013 | Press Release
Today is the deadline for health businesses to ensure they’re in compliance with 2009 changes to...
Sep 21, 2013 | Press Release
New documents released by leaker Edward Snowden reveal that NSA spied on the leaders of Brazil and...


Posted by on Aug 8, 2014

Another Day, Another Hack. It's Time to Be Proactive With Your Protection.

“There is worry among some in the security community that keeping personal information about of the...
Posted by on Aug 6, 2014

“Borderless” Data Ruled Accessible to the US Government

In an interesting case we’ve been following here at iProteger, a judge has once again ruled that...
Posted by Emilia Gianfortoni on Jun 4, 2014

The NBC News Interview with Edward Snowden and Its Implications on Data Security

Almost a year since the leaks came out, Edward Snowden appeared this week in an exclusive interview...
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